30 July 2008

Bad ass Bill Withers

Listened to some Bill Withers on the road back from Lake Arrowhead today. It's always the right time for BW. Everyone one of these guys is as cool as ice, but if that bass player were any cooler he'd be a bass playin' freezer.

29 July 2008

The best dressed man in Hollywood.

When the ship goes down, you better be ready.

What a day. I say 29 miles away from the epicenter of an earthquake is also exactly as close as I ever want to be to one. I went from feeling incredibly dizzy to realizing it was the earth moving in a split second. And I was out the door.

At first I thought "OK, OK. What do I do...stand in a door way." But then I realized I'm on the sixth floor. A door way won't do much good if the floor under your feet is also the roof over someone's head. So I, along with maybe 20 people, took the stairs and met up outside.

One guy, a former marine, was watching a war movie at the time. "Man, I've been to Afghanistan. I was like, going for my uniform before I realized what was going on."

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure my heart was going to stay in my chest. "Oh fuck, oh fuck!" is exactly what I remember saying aloud while I put my hands out in front of me and tried to figure out what to do.

The people that gathered around clearly were not from California. Most people stayed in the building like nothing happened. I think the old man in the apartment next to me may have got up from his lazy boy to grab a beer. That's all he could muster. Ah well, he's old school, he was willing to go down with the ship.

15 July 2008

Keeping Up Appearances

What you are witnessing at the moment, is me working through a slight case of writer's block. I'm hoping by the time I have finished with this entry, I'll have it sorted.

Usually what I do when stuck is read. Until I become inspired. And that is what I did this morning. The last issue of The Believer John Brandon author of Arkansas had a piece that discusses his complete lack of life skills. He describes perfectly how it feels to be seen as someone who lacks any ability to look after themself. He writes, "If you ever want someone to believe you are wholly void of practical life skills, tell them you're a writer". I haven't read Arkansas, but I will. OK, that's enough about Mcsweeney's for now. 'Though I love them (it?) so.

I have been cooped up in my L.A. apartment purely by choice. Trying to force words on to a screen. Not exactly ideal. I find myself nursing a mild case of A.D.D. nearly every day. The internet is the cause of it. It doesnt help that i have almost no furniture and everything is beige.

One thing I have learned, not so much recently but in the last little while, is that Skype is a mighty useful program. Not only does it allow you to connect with the people you miss the most, but it enables you to miss them while staring them in the virtual face. If you don't have it, get it, and add me.

Interning at The Sound Of Young America has been pretty great so far. Although the pressure I put on myself is exhausting. The job doesn't demand too much but, I seem to have a knack for making things difficult for myself. That has always been true. But I am getting over it...slowly. Aside from the obligatory administrative duties that all interns are subject to, I am also able to sharpen my interviewing skills. One thing I love to do, is talk to people. But I have yet to feel comfortable doing it with a mic in my face, or even experience it for that matter. Hopefully you'll be hearing me soon.

I eventually want to post the odd movie here...you know...less like a vacation video and more like a here have a look and listen to the music that goes with it. But I have heard more than once, talk less, do more. So. Here is where I shut up.

I'll leave you with this. I was introduced to these guys (not actually) by Jesse, my boss, the other day. I give you iNternets Celebrities.